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I've been a Gutter Contractor in Portland, Oregon since 1993 and have evolved to do a lot of custom copper work for clients across the Nation, and a few in Canada, but shipping up there has been cost prohibitive. You can read more about my business and see thousands of full screen photos of my work on my web site:


David Rich
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United States
A bit about me:
I was raised as a Mormon in Utah just 20 miles North of Salt Lake City, which is an area where you will now see 2 or 3 LDS Church steeples from most any vantage point. I was a bit of a geek who thought it was best to be nice to girls. Silly me. I've worked long and hard to recover from the oppressive chauvinistic Dogma of Mormonism, and I feel much healthier now identifying as Pagan. I seem to have a better sense of ethical responsibility than pretty most any other Mormon Businessman I've met, so that pretty much shows what a sham that cult is. If not the strict moral code of the Mormons would have made a much larger impact on the business world as a whole; in order to compete with so many 'Ethical Mormon Businessmen', and perhaps our environment would not be in such dire straights. To read more about Ethical Responsibility check out my personal philosophy web site:

At the age of 21 I was married to my first Wife and we later had 3 Daughters. That lasted 14 years. Towards the end of that stressful co-dependent relationship I discovered my Ex was not just rather different (as I had expected of women), but she was actually mentally ill. I was encouraged to get her on SSI for mental disability by the psychologist and psychiatrist I was having her see over the last few years before she split with the money. When she left I had finally got a chance to clean up our house; literally hauling off 7 tons of garbage to the dump in just 3 weeks of nonstop work 10+ hours a day 7 days a week. I was scrambling in fear of her return.

She had only taken our kids with her so she could collect welfare and food stamps, but never had much of a natural maternal inclination. That was back in mid 1998, which happen to be just before my business really took off; without her holding me back. Her leaving was a blessing, since I could never have gotten rid of her otherwise. Although, the price I paid was running myself into bankruptcy trying to fight for custody. She felt the need to ruin the good relationship I had with my Daughters to maintain custody, which she lost to WA State shortly after that.

Life is meant to be challenging. We would not bother spending much time playing a video game that was too easy.

About 5 months after that split I was destine to meet my Soulmate Tia through an on-line dating site called In less than 2 hours after I posted a sarcastic ad she had written to me. We both felt such a connection over the next 2 weeks that we hand-fasted; exchanging vows w/gold rings, yet we had not even kissed yet. Although, just hours later we had gotten to know each other on a tantric level:…

She had helped awaken my Celtic heritage and spiritual path. We are still happily together with a Son as the product of our love named Torrin, who was born on Halloween 2000. I try to treat our relationship as if do not own Tia. I am just fortunate she still likes to hang with me. Life is good. We profit none to obligate a person to stick with us from a decision we may have made years ago. That thought would only serve to foster resentment and often taking that person for granted.

She worked in my business for a few years, but has fulfilled her dream to become a Midwife. She also has a great business preparing placentas for consumption by the Birth-Mother, craniosacral therapy, hypno-birthing, Reiki Master, and other services through her web site: I am very proud of her.

Current Residence: S. W. Portland, Oregon
Favorite genre of music: Female singers of modern, Indigo, and Folk
Favorite style of art: Artistic erotica
Operating System: Win 7
MP3 player of choice: IPod Touch, IPhone 5S, IPad
Wallpaper of choice:…
Favorite cartoon character: Dawn by Michael Linsner
Personal Quotes: 'Pay it Forward' , 'Conform, Go Crazy, or Become an Artist' , 'An it harms non, do as ye will', 'My karma ran over your dogma'

- - - - How To Take Good Modeling Photos for Less

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 17, 2012, 12:08 PM
I know this is a bit long winded here, but there's a lot I cover in this Bog. My only aim is to help the wannabe models here on DA put their best foot forward. I am all about empowering women's self expression, so here are some helpful tips to getting decent shots to post in your DA profile without breaking your bank.

Getting to the Truth of the Matter w/o Sugar Coating it:
These days we see here on DA thousands of wanna-be models display hundreds of head-shots posted on their free profile with just a crappy web cam or a camera phone taken in the mirror or hand held at arms length; all in hopes to become famous within that narrow window they have before maturity sets in. I know that sounds crass, but let's call a spade a spade here. There's no value in pretending this is something other than what it is.

For the young it may seem like our beauty will be around forever, but if you really take a careful look around you at the 20-something women you will realize just how fleeting it is. Sorry to be a dream buster, but the fact is less than 1 in a 1,000 attractive women can make a living modeling successfully, let alone any other career in the lime light this could lead to. Clearly it is more about one's ego to capture images of their youth, before it's too late. We all realize time is not our friend where it comes to youthful beauty, so I understand how you will want to get some good shots within your prime. Where before long you will likely get knocked up with stretch marks, scar, and gain weight. It can happen quickly before you know it.

Your window for capturing sexy photos may have to wait until your at least 18, yet within just a few years (even if you don't get knocked up) there's a high likelihood you'll loose that youthful cuteness, loosing your opportunity to capture your likeness in the prime of
your life. Don't waste so much time getting crappy pics with your camera phone. Get serious.

In the effort to be more positive about this I have some written advice to share with those who would take the time to read it. I do not claim to the a professional photographer, but I have used digital photography to promote my custom copper work over the last decade, and had been taking pictures with film for over 2 decades prior to that. Since the mid 90s I've edited well over a million digital photos. If you follow these tips you will get a lot better images you can be proud to show off.

Mirror Shots are a Waste of Time:
As you may have discovered most shots taken of yourself in the mirror do not turn out well. The most common reason is how the auto focus sonar thinks it is suppose to focus on the glass mirror surface, yet the correct focus would be twice as far away. Another problem is to avoid the flash showing in your image you will have tried to take it at an angle, which is near impossible to do. It also gives you a double image. One from the reflective surface behind the glass, and another reflected off the outer surface of the glass, which makes your image seem blurry. Beside this it's hard to get the mirror perfectly clean. It also makes your image show in reverse of how other see you in person, so that facial mole is now shown on the other side of your face and so on, so don't even bother trying to figure out how to make this work out.

Getting a Better Perspective:
You know you are a cute girl, but if you do not want your nose to seem unusually large in those photos you need to get the camera further away from your face than arms length. Hand held shots are not going to be flattering, because of the distorted perspective it creates and the built-in flash being too bright, while making the background way too dark. If you do not have a friend to help out you can mount your camera on a tripod, or a maybe sitting on shelf to be able to zoom in more from a distance. You can use the shutter release timer, or remote trigger if your camera has that option. Getting further way will also increase your depth of focus as well, so it will be a clearer shot. You will also need more light on your subject to do this. Room lighting will not be enough for a good clear photo. Even the built in flash may not be enough to get a good clear image:

Good Lighting:
Even cheap cameras can take decent photos if you have enough light on your subject. Good lighting is even more important that what kind of camera you are using. The amount of light you can get on your subject makes a huge difference for a good clear image with natural color for proper skin tones, but you've found out the built in flash washes you out and gives you red-eye. Yet not using it makes terrible indoor images. Yet it's hard to find a good private spot outside to get sexy shots.

The main problem is you simply need much more candle power, and I'm not talking about using candles. You will not be able to get enough light from most any indoor lighting. We do not realize the difference between outdoor direct Sunlight and indoor lighting with the way our eyes dilate to correct for this, but there is over 10X difference of how much light you get from the Sun. Even in the shade or on a cloudy days is much more. If you have to take these pics inside be near a window on a bright sunny day, or grab all the lamps you can find to brighten up your bedroom. I'm talking about around 10 bright light bulbs in front of you. So many it hurts to look forward at the camera surrounded by all those lights. Take the lamp shades off if you can. LED bulbs are rather expensive, but they have a better true white light than incandescent or florescent bulbs, and are a good investment for your everyday lighting, so no money wasted. It would be cheaper than buying a decent camera strobe with a large defuser like you see in photography studios.

Using a Decent Camera:
If you are spending less than $500 you are not likely to get a camera any better than what is built into your cell phone, so don't bother. The newer IPhone takes very impressive images with pretty nifty software as well, but they are basically limited to the light on hand and prone to more distortion. Nikon has some decent simple cameras for around $600, which are also pretty fast. Their latest is model P520, P7800, and 3200. They seem to take photos as good as much more expensive cameras costing 3 times as much, but you may not have some features like interchangeable lenses or alternative flash lighting. They also tend to be rather fragile, so you'll go through several cameras within a few years, since they are too expensive to get fixed. You should just shell out the extra $ for their better more durable cameras, but you may not need that for just taking some better photos to post on the web. That would be needed if those images are going to be printed in an ad or a large wall hanging.

Editing Your Images:
I am surprised to find how few people still do not know how to just crop, rotate, or resizing an image for faster uploading digital photos. An image should fill up a screen, but it does not need to be larger than screen size to get a decent look. Or they will reduce it so small there's very little detail. I find that reducing them to 1920 or 1600 pixels wide is a good measure for web presentation, but images should be at least 1280 pixels wide. There's dozens of software to edit images ranging from free-ware to $1,000 for Photoshop Extended. I have found the most user-friendly software at a reasonable price is ACDSee 17 for just $40. For a little more ACDSee Pro 7 will let you watermark your images and other helpful tools for the serious artist.

Examining your images at full resolution they may seem less than sharp and speckled from low light and a high ISO setting. I recently discovered the benefit working off my RAW files. A year ago I tried comparing them to the jpg files my camera saves for me at the same time, but they looked the same. I could not tell the difference, until I discovered how ACDSee Pro was showing me the RAW files in a converted jpg image file. It was not until I was able to turn that off, so now I can clearly see the difference., but after editing them I have to save them off in a different file format for some reason. A png file is huge, but will retain the fine detail of your RAW file, where compressing it to a jpg file will loose some detail.

Don't Post Bad Shots:
If you have some shots that seem cool, but they did not turn out so clear, or have an odd color from bad lighting you may be able to fix it post production, but if not don't post them for the world to see. Please set your standards higher. If you have shots already posted that fall under this low standard take the time to delete them. You should not post all the shots from a photo session. We do not need to see every slightly different pose. Choose just a few of the best shots. You should not have more than 2 or 3 images of one outfit or hair style and make-up. Not all 50 head-shots, or you will not be respected as a serious model. Be patient and show some class.

Attention Seeking:
Don't post hoards of images just to seek attention. Positive attention may feel grand, but if you find yourself driven to post so many new pics to inspire new comments; you need to find a healthier source of fulfillment and self-esteem. This attention seeking will also get you a few 'Flamers' or 'Trolls' who are also seeking attention by getting your goat, so ignore them no matter what they had to say, and delete their nonconstructive comments swiftly. If you respond you will only be feeding into their power struggle with you. Fight the temptation to respond in any manner.

Free Shots from People w/Better Equipment:
You can contact a wana-be Photographers for TFP arrangement (trade for pics), which should not cost you a dime. These better images can boost your portfolio to show off what you have to offer and show you can work well with photographers. No one likes a Diva and your reputation will suffer if you have a bad attitude or are hard to work with, but you need to be very careful as well. Watch out for the sleeze-bags. It may not be all their fault either. Lots of Escorts use this as a way to covertly sell their services, so many of these guys may expect more than just posing nude.

There are also group shoot, where you could be one of the models posing for half a dozen photographers. You can get paid and may get dozens of good shots to post. They are usually nice respectful men who are not in a position to proposition you for more in this group environment with other shooters they hardly know, so it should be safe, but do your research to see what the history is of the person organizing the shoot. is a good source to find a local glamorous group shoot. You will need to have a few decent shots to show the organizer for selection as one of their models to be promoted.

A nude photo shoot w/o any physical contact should net you $150 an hour, so if you're getting less they should not expect you to do anything you're not comfortable with. E
ven if you're not under age it would be wise to always have a protective chaperone with you. Before meeting a photographer for even for a pre-shoot discussion let him know up front you will not be alone. If he has a problem with it that may be a sign he is not doing it just for the sake of good art.

Racy images and anonymity:
Being paid to model you should realize all those images belong to the Photographers and he may not share them with you, so make sure it is clear what you expect out of this arrangement up front. He may give you copies, but you have no control over where those images are seen and for what purpose no matter what he may promise you, so think about this before giving him provocative poses. I am not saying you need to be a prude about it, but you may not want your Father or Uncles to see them, or even your children decades later. Nudes can be cropped to not show your identity, but again you will not have control over the images he captures.

A wig and or hair over your face in 'every shot' may help, or just not face the camera in those sort of shots. Don't ever threaten to not sign a model release, but make it clear to him if you do not want your name listed publicly. There's a good chance he will respect your wishes. You would have more difficulty getting him to list your name with each photo, if that's what you want, but ask for him to let you know where he is going to use them, and do periodic On-line searches for your name to see if they are used elsewhere.

I doubt there is any profession , which has more flaky people than 'models', so it will be imperative you show up on time and are ready to do what needs to be done with a smile, and no flack. Developing a good reputation is critical if you want to succeed in this field. Many photographers would feel your attitude and reliability is even more important that how pretty you may be. With the Internet there is a lot of cross sharing of information and word will get out if you're a flake or hard to work with. He will be putting a lot of effort into getting things ready for a shoot, so you need to do what you can to be just as responsible. Bring make-up and even a friend to help apply it. Be prepared to do your hair in different styles or wigs you can wear for a variety of looks to maximize the shoot outcome. Several changes of your favorite clothing is also important. He may not have outfits in your size, and you don't know who was wearing them last (ick).



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