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I've been a Gutter Contractor in Portland, Oregon since 1993 and have evolved to do a lot of custom copper work for clients across the Nation, and a few in Canada, but shipping up there has been cost prohibitive. You can read more about my business and see thousands of full screen photos of my work on my web site:


David Rich
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
A bit about me:
I was raised as a Mormon in Utah just 20 miles North of Salt Lake City, which is an area where you will now see 2 or 3 LDS Church steeples from most any vantage point. I was a bit of a geek who thought it was best to be nice to girls. Silly me. I've worked long and hard to recover from the oppressive chauvinistic Dogma of Mormonism, and I feel much healthier now identifying as Pagan. I seem to have a better sense of ethical responsibility than pretty most any other Mormon Businessman I've met, so that pretty much shows what a sham that cult is. If not the strict moral code of the Mormons would have made a much larger impact on the business world as a whole; in order to compete with so many 'Ethical Mormon Businessmen', and perhaps our environment would not be in such dire straights. To read more about Ethical Responsibility check out my personal philosophy web site:

At the age of 21 I was married to my first Wife and we later had 3 Daughters. That lasted 14 years. Towards the end of that stressful co-dependent relationship I discovered my Ex was not just rather different (as I had expected of women), but she was actually mentally ill. I was encouraged to get her on SSI for mental disability by the psychologist and psychiatrist I was having her see over the last few years before she split with the money. When she left I had finally got a chance to clean up our house; literally hauling off 7 tons of garbage to the dump in just 3 weeks of nonstop work 10+ hours a day 7 days a week. I was scrambling in fear of her return.

She had only taken our kids with her so she could collect welfare and food stamps, but never had much of a natural maternal inclination. That was back in mid 1998, which happen to be just before my business really took off; without her holding me back. Her leaving was a blessing, since I could never have gotten rid of her otherwise. Although, the price I paid was running myself into bankruptcy trying to fight for custody. She felt the need to ruin the good relationship I had with my Daughters to maintain custody, which she lost to WA State shortly after that.

Life is meant to be challenging. We would not bother spending much time playing a video game that was too easy.

About 5 months after that split I was destine to meet my Soulmate Tia through an on-line dating site called In less than 2 hours after I posted a sarcastic ad she had written to me. We both felt such a connection over the next 2 weeks that we hand-fasted; exchanging vows w/gold rings, yet we had not even kissed yet. Although, just hours later we had gotten to know each other on a tantric level:…

She had helped awaken my Celtic heritage and spiritual path. We are still happily together with a Son as the product of our love named Torrin, who was born on Halloween 2000. I try to treat our relationship as if do not own Tia. I am just fortunate she still likes to hang with me. Life is good. We profit none to obligate a person to stick with us from a decision we may have made years ago. That thought would only serve to foster resentment and often taking that person for granted.

She worked in my business for a few years, but has fulfilled her dream to become a Midwife. She also has a great business preparing placentas for consumption by the Birth-Mother, craniosacral therapy, hypno-birthing, Reiki Master, and other services through her web site: I am very proud of her.

Current Residence: S. W. Portland, Oregon
Favorite genre of music: Female singers of modern, Indigo, and Folk
Favorite style of art: Artistic erotica
Operating System: Win 7
MP3 player of choice: IPod Touch, IPhone 5S, IPad
Wallpaper of choice:…
Favorite cartoon character: Dawn by Michael Linsner
Personal Quotes: 'Pay it Forward' , 'Conform, Go Crazy, or Become an Artist' , 'An it harms non, do as ye will', 'My karma ran over your dogma'
I believe there is a misnomer about black and white photography these days. The history of B&W photography was how it was the only type of film in the beginning for over a century. There was even a myth that was how we all dream. This could not be true when before there was any B&W photography the mind would not have any reference to this from what we see in our surroundings. After they finally developed color film they still sold B&W film as a cheaper option. The processing of that B&W film was also cheaper and easier for young photography students to practice with and make prints. Unfortunately this has somehow spilled over into the digital photography era as if it were a sign of class.

I do not mean to tell others what to do here of course. Just sharing my opinion and educating people to see it for what it is. I am referring to the use of B&W in the final presentation. I rather say a rose is a flower, but a turd is just feces. Stripping away all the color from a photo does not make it art. The only reason to convert a photo into black and white is when the exposure was so bad it cannot be fixed in post to look natural. I still feel it is like The Emperor's New Clothes, and no matter what sort of fancy spin you put on it; B&W still looks like crap in 99% of the shots I've seen. At least give it some sort of colored sepia-tone for goodness sake.

Do not take this as any slam on someone's skill or the subject matter, but I would personally be embarrassed to show off a B&W image as if I were just covering up the fact that I did not have decent lighting on my subject and could not even fix it in post production. Many may not realize my grave mistake, but there would be some with an educated eye for this and who would see what I was trying to cover up.



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